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MARCH 2016 - AUGUST 2017 //

The Honest Veg software bundle was one of the first to hit the New Zealand local food growers' scene. In collaboration with a Canadian software producer, the dream was to be a business-in-a-box for small scale farmers.

Most farmer's don't have the time or skills to sell online, but even if they do - having enough variety in an online shop can be difficult for small growers. Our platform was integrated with an international ecommerce platform, allowing us to trade in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Local food producers or hubs could drag-and-drop their logo and begin selling online, directly to their community. We accomplished a fully functioning software platform on top of CSA delivery model, and grew a strong customer base.

In the end we reluctantly wrapped up this project to go in search for greener pastures... if you look for it, you can still find the Honest Veg brand living a good life as a farm.

My Role : Designer & Business Partner

  • Website UX, UI and administration

  • Service design

  • Business development and strategic partnerships

  • Customer service & relationships

  • Development and application of Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

  • Graphic design & content development

  • Marketing & engagement strategy

  • Farm operations management and duties

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